The Journey

Translation: "I feel safe" (with you) - a love letter from an 8-year-old to one of her adult attachment figures. The feeling of safety in children is a result of secure attachment. The important attachment process starts right from birth. At Raising Premmies we provide individual and group programs to enhance secure attachment.

The premmie miracle is a journey.... not a point in time

Premature and other sick babies are at risk for poor development. Brain plasticity is the friend of parents and the friend of premmie babies.


The input of parents can have a much greater positive effect on a baby’s brain and development than most negative effects of being born too early or too sick.


Parents are the architects of their baby’s brain. 


The time of greatest brain plasticity is the first 3-5 years of life, and continues at a slower pace in the following years. 


The “moment-by-moment” enrichment provided by parents in the home, every day, will have a wonderfully positive effect, and lessen the negative effects of most early medical complications. There are usually no quick-fix ways to help your premmie's peak development.  


The daily environment - what you do every day with your child - is where the enrichment comes in.

At Raising Premmies we provide information, support, counselling and parenting help.


We also create individualised developmental programs to help premmie babies and children develop critical fundamental skills.