Common Parent Concerns

You know that premmies are at-risk for developmental problems. Yet how can you tell? What should you look for? What can you do to help your child?

Here are some issues parents of premmies may face. Raising Premmies has the knowledge and expertise to help parents with each  of the following concerns:


  • How can I reduce stress for my baby?
  • My baby does not seem to want to interact with me, does not seem to be very "social"
  • My baby does not seem to be "attaching" or bonding to me
  • How can I tell what my baby seems to be asking for?
  • Why is my baby so irritable?


  • What does it mean if my baby or toddler does not meet normal developmental milestones?
  • Why is my toddler so shy and anxious?
  • Why is my toddler over-active?
  • Is my toddler developing his/her cognitive skills that should be happening now?
  • Is my toddler developing motor skills that should be developing now?
  • What does it mean if my toddler has "quirky" or "not quite right" behaviour?
  • What does it mean if I still don't feel close to my toddler?
  • What can I be doing for my toddler that will help him or her?
  • Should I go back to work?

Pre-school children

  • I still have concerns about my child's cognitive, social, emotional or motor development and behaviour
  • I am worried that my child will not be ready for school
  • Should I keep my child back from school for one more year?
  • How will my child cope at school

Parents' concerns about themselves

  • I have great difficulty adjusting to the circumstances of my child's birth
  • I can't seem to manage my stress and anxiety
  • I have disagreements with other family members about how to care for my baby/child
  • I need more information about the development of prematurely-born children
  • How can I set boundaries that will help my child develop self-regulation?
  • What is the "right" stimulation to give my child that will help his or her development?
  • What about extra-curricular activities like swimming and music?
  • Do I still have to think differently about my (now older) premmie's needs?
  • I feel anxious about separating from my child