Dr Carol Newnham

Developmental, Educational and Neuropsychologist


Carol - Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology (LaTrobe University)

           - PhD (LaTrobe University).
          -  Trained Primary School Teacher Degree  (Deakin University)


… has extensive experience working with infants, pre-schoolers and children


… has worked as a teacher in primary schools


… has designed and implemented psychological interventions for mothers of preterm infants 

       toddlers and pre-school children


… has worked with parents in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (Premiestart Program)


… is the expert consultant for the Raising Premmies section of the Raising Children Network              

… is Editor of Premiepress, a magazine for the parents of prematurely-born infants and children


… works within several research teams with mothers and premature babies 


… has been an invited guest speaker to many local, national and international conferences 

Sofia Galgut

Clinical Psychologist

(Pregnancy to Parenthood)

Sofia has extensive experience in issues that arise for families perinatally (before, after and concerning the birth of a child). These include postnatal depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and grief.


She has worked


....in clinical services


... in private practice


...in hospitals


....in university departments


....in mother-baby units (presently in infant sleep clinic)


...helping people recover from trauma


Safe Sleep Space

We work in close collaboration with Helen Stevens and Cindy Davenport from Safe Sleep Space (SSS), a service for parents whose babies and children have problems sleeping. Both Raising Premmies and Safe Sleep Space work from an essential basis of caring for the baby's (and parents') mental health