Attention Deficits with or without Hyperactivity

Attention Deficit with (ADHD) or without (ADD) Hyperactivity is diagnosed in approximately 8% of children and is one of the most common problems found in ex-premmies. The vast majority of children are put on medication as the main focus of their treatment.


However at Raising Premmies we use a different approach where we assess and treat the underlying problems of the child's inability to stay engaged or attending. Attention is one of the basic cognitive abilities that underpins many other aspects of development, including learning and social abilities. If a child cannot engage and attend, they cannot learn about their world or the people who are important to them.

Even though attention itself is a basic or fundamental skill, there are other even more basic, underlying skills that underpin attention.


The surface symptoms of ADD/ADHD may be similar across all diagnosed children but the underlying core/fundamental abilities will be different. Attention is related to motor development, sensory reactions, thinking and emotions. Children with various challenges in seeing, hearing, and planning actions may all fit the criteria of ADD/ADHD but these challenges will be different from one child to another. Because the children and their range of basic problems are unique, the ways to help them should be tailored to those problems.